Joe Rainone exemplified great professionalism when helping us start a new chapter in our lives. He has a very flexible schedule which made it easier, not only to sell our home, but also to find a new one. All the while, Joe continuously has a positive approach to any situation and has a knack for lifting spirits. Throughout our process we even became friends! Thank you Joe, we couldn’t have done it without you

Gino Ciroi & Margherita Napoletano Sold Home in Ile Bizard & Purchased condo in Pointe Claire

Where does one start when it comes to Joe. Lets start with, professional.From beginning to end Joe was always there, at each step, looking out for our best interest, and lets just say it wasn’t easy. When you’re trying to sell your home while buying another, and the difficult conditions on both sides of the fence, this is a difficult task to say the least. I can’t say how many countless times we were discouraged and fed up, but not Joe. He worked hard to make it easy on us, find us a good home, and get the maximum on the sale of our home. Unlike us, he stayed positive throughout the process. We are grateful to Joe for everything. If your looking to buy or sell, don’t look anywhere else.

Perry Metaxas & Georgia Papadopoulos (Sold a Property in Pierrefonds & Purchased a Property in Kirkland)

We have close friends who are real estate agents/brokers and we knew that they would do their best to sell our home. Still we decided to find the most competent agent in the West Island simply because there was too much at stake.After some research and talking to many people we narrowed the search to two brokers. Joe was one of them. He was recommended to us as being professional and reliable. When it came to interview Joe, we knew immediately that he was our man. He knew the history and the market fluctuations of each section of the Island intimately and made specific suggestions on how to prepare our home for sale.Joe was always well informed about the circumstances and about the other agents. He has an uncanny ability to “read” the people involved. His comments helped us in accepting the offer when we sold our home. It turned out to be an excellent move as the slowly declining market took a dive right after the sale.When we found a home to purchase, we decided to make a very low offer but we were prepared to bid higher later on. Joe suggested the conditions were right not to bid any higher and he let the other agent know it. It worked! And we saved a good chunk of money. We especially appreciated this from Joe since it meant a lower commission for him due to the lower sale price.Joe has selected and surrounded himself with an excellent team of professionals. His sharp-eyed home inspector saved us more money when we purchased our home.Later, a hidden defect which was unknown to us was discovered in the home we sold. Joe could have said “I am no longer involved”, instead he went immediately to take pictures and documented the fault. He recommended various professionals who took charge of the problem.We think Joe should adopt the well known slogan but with a twist; you are in good hands with …Joe.

Toni & Steve Soltesz (Sold a Property In Kirkland & Purchased a Property in DDO)

Je cherchais un agent parlant italien pour la vente de la propriété de ma mère âgée. On m’a recommandé Joe, et j’en suis très reconnaissante. Dès notre première rencontre, je l’ai trouvé aimable, respectueux, professionnel et attentif à nos besoins. Il a su nous conseiller et nous guider dans toutes les démarches et négociations jusqu’à la vente de la maison. Mais Joe est allé au delà de son rôle d’agent, il a été d’un grand soutien pour ma mère, il a su comprendre ses inquiétudes et toutes les émotions qu’elle éprouvait et a su la rassurer et la réconforter. Merci Joe pour ta patience, ta gentillesse,ton bon service et ta disponibilité.

Maura Palma & Giuseppina Negusanti (Vendu une Maison a Laval)

Je recommanderais Joe à n’importe quelle personne qui désire vendre ou acheter une propriété. Pourquoi? Joe est quelqu’un avec qui on se sens tout de suite en confiance. Il vous guide à travers tout le processus en s’assurant que toutes vos questions ont été adressées et il pense même à répondre aux questions auxquelles vous n’avez pas pensé! Il ne vous fait pas de fausses promesses et vous dit ce qui en est à tout moment. Il est disponible et travaille très fort pour faire en sorte que votre achat convienne à vos besoins. S’il croit qu’une maison ne sera pas bien pour vous, il vous le dira. Il est conscient que ce n’est pas seulement un investissement financier, mais aussi un investissement de vie et pour plusieurs un rêve qui devient réalité. J’ai fait affaire avec Joe à plusieurs reprises et je continuerais de faire affaire avec lui pour mes projets futurs.

Maude Turcotte (Acheter Une Maison a Ile Bizard, Vendu Une Maison a Ile Bizard, Acheter Une Maison a Montreal)

To say my house sale was complicated is an understatement. Thankfully, Joe Rainone was a tremendous help. He was a true professional, guiding me through the legalities and complexities of real estate, and using his experience to negotiate a great deal. When it came time to for me to buy a house, Joe Rainone made me feel like finding my family the perfect house was his personal priority. With each house we visited, I trusted that he always had my best interests in mind. In the end, we found the absolute perfect home for my family! Joe is the one agent I would recommend to my closest friends and family.

Sandra Donaher (Sold a Property In Kirkland & Purchased a Property in Pierrefonds)

Joe sold my house over 5 years ago and we still stay in contact today as I have him looking for me to flip homes. He is very personable and extremely quick at getting back to you on questions and meeting (saves me a lot of time and frustration). He is professional, honest and to the point. I would highly recommend him for all your real-estate needs.

Robert Lapointe (Sold a Property in Kirkland & Purchased a Property in Baie D’urfe)

I hired Joe as my agent and immediately he told me what would help in selling my home. He was professional and gave me great advise. I would hire Joe again if I had the choice. I would recommend him to anyone.

Alex Smith (Sold a Property in Kirkland)

Joe understands what changes must be undertaken in order to facilitate a timely sale of your property. Unlike most real estate agents Joe listens to the needs of the buyer, and thus can expedite the buying process by zeroing in on the properties that best fit. Joe is dedicated to his craft and works tirelessly for his clients. I have and will continue to recommend him to prospective buyers and sellers of real estate.

Andy Sher (Sold Property in Kikrland & Purchased Property in Terrace Vaudreuil)

Selling my first home was a new experience for me, and with Joe as my agent, I felt I was in good hands. Joe partnered with me, every step of the way and we worked as a team to ensure my goals were met. Joe is dedicated, hardworking and strives for top results. Whatever your real estate needs are – Joe is the Go-To-Guy!

Halina Wolczecki (Sold a Property in Pierrefonds)

Joe showed patience, knowledge, a friendly approach but most of all professionalism throughout the entire process of selling our house.

Jennifer Schroeder & John Fawcett (Sold a Property in Kirkland)

We would like to take a moment to reflect on the purchase of our first home, in which Joe Rainone took the time to understand our needs and schedule visits. From visits to follow-up, to actually setting up the closing Joe was great!! He was always accessible, on time (usually 10 minutes early) and thorough. His time commitment to our deal was incredible. Even though though at times we put him in difficult situations, we felt so comfortable dealing with Joe, that we allowed him negotiate and coordinate the closing on our behalf. (Thanks Joe!) We received such a high level of service and felt that Joe was representing us at all times. We would highly recommend Joe ANYONE looking for a real-estate agent. If we are in need of a realtor in the future, Joe will certainly be the one we call!

Melina Spadafora & Sebastiano Izzo (Purchased a Property in Pierrefonds)

What I appreciated the most in working with Joe for the sale of our home, is that he was honest from the very beginning of our relationship. He worked very hard on our behalf and surpassed our expectations for selling our home. I would not hesitate to have him represent us if the opportunity arises again.

Sheila McKenna & Derek Dooley (Sold & Purchased a Property in Kirkland)

I want to thank Joe for going the extra mile for me. It started out as agent/customer but it’s far from that. Your patience was well appreciated. In the end I can honestly say, “thank you my friend.”

Dino Dipardo (Purchased a Property in Kirkland)

Joe achieves results through planning, an in depth knowledge of the local housing market, and can get the job done with speed and consistency. We used Joe to sell our house in which was only on the market for 6 days before it was purchased. He was extremely honest and diligent in showing us various options for our new home. We truly appreciated his great service and will definitely use him in the future.

Shari Shaffer & Steven Zorn (Sold a Property in Vaudreuil, Purchased a home in Kirkland)

We had a great experience working with Joe. He is very knowledgeable of the real estate market and was a pleasure to work with.

Debi Lott & Frank Carelli (Purchased a Property in Kirkland)

It was great dealing with Joe. He was very attentive and made sure that our questions were answered quickly and our concerns addressed fully. It really gave us some peace of mind to have someone we could trust during such an important decision process.

Rose Neige Var & Kamal Shah (Purchased a Property in Kirkland)

Moi, j’ai fait la connaissance de Joe lors de l’achat de ma maison il y a 2 ans. Je l’ai trouve une personne honnete, dynamique, franche et fidele pourtant il etait l’agent du vendeur mais j’ai eu confiance en lui. Son succes dans ce domaine est evident, Bravo Joe.

Eva Wanees & Magdy Saad (Purchased a Property in Kirkland)

I engaged the services of Joe Rainone to sell my cottage in November 2008. He is a very professional man who listened attentively to my needs and had positive suggestions to make. We listed the house, and 12 hours later – SOLD! He has strong negotiation skills and knows the business very well. I highly recommend him.

Patricia Turchyn (Sold a Property in Dorval)

Thanks to Joe, I bought a beautiful “home” not a house. He paid so much attention to detail and pointed out things I never would have thought of that I can’t imagine having gone through this process without him. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient, and wouldn’t let me settle for a house that was not perfect for me. Through this process, it felt like I was dealing with a good friend…one that is always honest with me and would never let me down. In fact, we have become good friends and we still keep in touch even today!

Lisa Ansell (Purchased a Property in Kirkland)

Joe Did an excellent job in selling our home. His advise on how to maximize our value for the home was dead on. He really understands what buyers are looking for, and within 72 hours our home was sold at a price I never thought we could obtain. We recommend Joe to anyone who is serious in selling their home.

Nicole Cleroux & Brent Verret (Sold a Property in Kirkland)

What I feel distinguishes Joe from other real estate agents is his level of professionalism and honesty. I always felt that he was looking out for my best interest and not at just selling a house. Made me feel secure in my choice of home.

Bob Argitis (Purchased a Property in Kirkland)